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Thread: Your web session may have expired.

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    notimeforthis Guest

    Default Your web session may have expired.

    I have tried several times to make a purchase but each time I try to checkout it says that my web session may have expired, please log in again. I have logged in again and again, but each time I log in I only show as logged in until I try to navigate to another page on your site. It is not possible to have an item in my shopping cart and be logged in at the same time. I have made quite a number of other online purchases and have never experience a similar problem. In fact most sites like Amazon or Google for example know who I am even before I have logged in. So, if you would like to sell your software would you please correct this problem. I am now unprotected because I can't make this purchase and the trial has now expired. You have a good product but I can't afford to wait on this.

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    stain Guest

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    I had the same problem until I upgraded my java platform to version 6.21

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    Here is the Link to Verify your "JAVA" Version and Update to Latest version.

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