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(edited out)
The TrueVector Internet Monitor service terminated unexpectedly.
It has done this 9 time(s).For more information, see Help and Support Center at .......................
there are too many of these errors in the event viewer to count... you can tell i do not check it often.
other than this shutting down which does not tell me it has until i click on the za icon and then it tells me which is not helpfull if my computer is left completely open to attack up til i find out its turned off.
also had windows genuine advantage wanting to read and modify memory and sometimes access raw disk image, thing is sometimes i do not get this message come up and then double click in za icon and i cannot click on anything in the menu on the left, when i hover over items they do not become highlighted and clicking on anything does not work.
also had internet explorer with za forcefield on crash my whole pc so that i have to reset it... basically what seems to be happening is that if za is not working properly it will never display any messages asking me what to do with a program accessing stuff.. i have the smart defence advisor set to inform me of the best choice but let me decide which choice to make... well my pc seems to lock up at times when i shoulkd be seeing a smart defence advisor message pop up but doesnt, like when installing any xp service packs or any other software, my pc just locks up... sometimes i receivbe the messages sometimes i dont