There is a Zonealarm bar that show up in the taskbar at the bottom of my screen, where one for each program I'm running show, from time to time, I have no idea why it shows up or what it's doing when it does, and I can't do anything with it, it doesn't respond to left or right clicks and every time it's there the whole computer gets so slow, well it's worse than being back on my ancient 8088-2 on dial up to log into a busy BBS, loading a page in Firefox can take a minute or way more, I have the DSL so it normally takes a second or two, I've looked in the ZA Security Suite control center but it doesn't show it as doing anything specific, like running a scan or something.
I just know this is driving me nutz and wasting a whole lot of time while I have to sit here and wait and wait and wait every time I hit a key or click the mouse. I've also looked in the task manager, to see if some program is hogging the system, but there is nothing out of the ordinary showing up there either. This is slower than when I waded through the 21 day learning mode, twice. I also don't have this problem on the laptop, but it runs XP pro.
All I do know is that when the ZA bar is not there everything runs a lot faster.
I have work I need to get done now, so any suggestions are welcome, but I'm not real tech-speak savy so try to keep it in simple terms.
I have a Dell P4 at 1.7 Mghz
1 gig RAM
XP home version
ZA suite v

Yes, I know it's old, 2001 model, and slow compared to a new one, I'm saving up for a newer one. But it was much faster before I bought the whole ZA package and this bar thing started showing up.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite