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Thread: ZoneAlarm window doesn't popup anymore

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    gamemaster Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm window doesn't popup anymore

    When I look in my logs, there are IP's being blocked but the orange window that usually pops up telling me it blocked those IP's doesn't pop up anymore. I didn't check the box to not tell me, so I don't know why its not popping up. I want to bring those pop ups back, is there anyway I can do that?


    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    Charles_B Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm window doesn't popup anymore

    You can find most of your answers using Help within ZoneAlarm.Also by using Search.

    How to Use Search & Advanced Search Mode :

    The ZoneAlarm Free is very limited compared to commercial ZoneAlarm versions.You can always download a 15 day trial.

    Download ZoneAlarm Trial Versions at this link :

    ZAFree ver. 8.0 includes 15 day trial of the Full ZA Pro also.

    v8.x User's Manual/Guide at this link :

    Good Luck

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