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Thread: TCP Connection Leak from ZAPRO 8 (Vista x64 SP2)

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    forum_moderator Guest

    Default Re: TCP Connection Leak from ZAPRO 8 (Vista x64 SP2)

    Well over the years we had different descriptions of what your calling a connection leak.In some cases it was poorly written filesharing software or other softwarethat people leaving running for long periods of time and it would manifest itself as a ZA issue when it was not.Something I would watch out for is that since your buying a off the shelf pre-configured laptop or even if it was a desktop, all the PC manufactures load all kinds of apps and drivers, Some useful some just demo or trialware. I cant tell how many times we find some odd ball app branded by the PC company that misbehaves and the finger is always pointed at ZA. When in fact its the other software causing US issues. Good example is some kind of data security software Acer puts on there systems. We had issues with it people point the finger at ZA and turns out its them. They fixed the issue and now it work fine with us.I would suggest that you uninstall all the extra apps and software than came preloaded thats not required to run your PC.Then goto the pc company website be sure you have the most updated 64 bit drivers for your model AND install all critical and Important updates fro the OS from MS. Forum Moderator

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    pathos Guest

    Default Re: TCP Connection Leak from ZAPRO 8 (Vista x64 SP2)

    I have some new information.
    First, I'll start out by saying that when I first received the laptop, I wiped it clean, and reinstalled Windows Vista SP1 from the DVD, then installed NOD32, then
    all updates, and then Vista
    I used the latest drivers as well, but I should verify that.
    So I don't think there are any oddball apps which are in the background here.
    The only other low level software which I have installed in ESET NOD32 (64 bit version), and even when uninstalled I had the issue.
    Of course, I don't know the source of the problem.
    The new information is this: I acquired a USB to ethernet controller, and even with only this network device installed, I still have the problem.
    Next I will try without my router, but that seems like a long shot...

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    pathos Guest

    Default Re: TCP Connection Leak from ZAPRO 8 (Vista x64 SP2)

    More info:
    I uninstalled ZA, and installed **bleep** free firewall as a test.
    There are no connection leaks thus far.
    I used the standard **bleep** settings first provided, and am still learning how to use it.

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    pathos Guest

    Default Re: TCP Connection Leak from ZAPRO 8 (Vista x64 SP2)

    Sorry, I had no idea that mentioning other products was against policy.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: TCP Connection Leak from ZAPRO 8 (Vista x64 SP2)

    Is this the same subject by any chance?

    You can spell it funny - insert spaces, drop a letter, whatever, to communicate what firewall worked. The forum does block several other products' names, but not all. Nothing against you, but they had troubles with self-promotion or spams or something like it.

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    pathos Guest

    Default Re: TCP Connection Leak from ZAPRO 8 (Vista x64 SP2)

    concerns the same subject and
    originates from me.
    I updated it slightly to mention my workaround.
    I would still like to use ZA on my laptop, but I'm out of ideas.
    I sincerely hope that the mods report this leak.

    Although I have myself talked to tech support, they did not yet get back to me, so I'm not sure if they reported it.
    If the mods need more information, like a .nfo file of my laptop, or anything else, I would be happy to oblige.
    I offered tech support the nfo file, but I'm waiting for their reply (not impatient, I just don't have their email).
    It's only been like half a day, so maybe they will email me after they have completed their repro tests.

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    pathos Guest

    Default Re: TCP Connection Leak from ZAPRO 8 (Vista x64 SP2)

    Update: ZA tech support replied to me, and said that they had been unable to duplicate the issue on XP Pro, Vista 32 and Vista 64 (both ultimate). When I get home I will pass them my system NFO file. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I have Vista x64 SP2 *Home premium* (whatever the "premium" means). I will note this fact to them in my email, and tell them that even with another network adapter the problem with leaked connections using ZA persisted.

    Obviously this problem is pretty hard to reproduce, but I'm not sure that most users would spot it.

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