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Thread: Zone Alarm on 2 Operating Systems

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    andyd_ohd Guest

    Default Zone Alarm on 2 Operating Systems

    HI All,

    How the heck does one contact Support....?
    Oh well I gave up. I wondered whether anyone here could advise me? I have a laptop running XP and about to get a laptop for the wife running Vista. What I wondered was whether the same software package (ZAP) would run on both computers, having upgraded the licence for 2 computers, of course? I use AVG for antivirus on my own computer, would I be better getting the Internet Suite...? Is it any good?


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm for XP and Vista - yes

    The entire branch of 8.0 series of ZoneAlarm firewalls are unified XP/ Vista 32 and 64* bit" compatible
    installation; you can download this version to any XP or Vista pc/ laptop.<hr>Click here &gt; . Make sure any pre-installed security software is 'properly' un-installed and watch for advisories for some select brands.<hr>Should you upgrade to ZA Suite from ZA Pro + AVG?Compare All ZoneAlarm Firewall Products - Click here &gt;
    &lt;&lt; Featrures, prices
    Some will say ZA's anti-virus (Kaspersky av) will often react faster to new threats(malware) than AVG; often Kaspersky av will rate a bit higher than AVG av in many standardized Anti-virus testing organizations. If your using AVG av (free?)
    + ZA Pro and it seems to work well, and you are not looking for any of the additional features of ZA Suite - you may then lean towards that end.
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