What kind of activity does this look like to you all? Is this the standard stuff you encounter just being online or does it seem excessive?

Be aware that I'm connected directly to the modem and not my router.

The timeframe is ~ 2 hours and 45 minutes.


FWIN,2009/07/10,14:39:22 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,14:43:38 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,14:48:28 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,14:58:12 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:AS)
FWIN,2009/07/10,14:59:36 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,15:03:30 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,15:09:20 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,15:12:00 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,15:12:36 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,15:12:36 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,15:16:44 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,15:17:12 -5:00 GMT,,,ICMP (type:8/subtype:0)
FWIN,2009/07/10,15:23:42 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,15:24:40 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,15:27:44 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,15:52:36 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,15:55:18 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,15:56:56 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,16:01:50 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,16:03:26 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:AS)
FWIN,2009/07/10,16:04:38 -5:00 GMT,,,ICMP (type:8/subtype:0)
FWIN,2009/07/10,16:04:42 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,16:12:46 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,16:25:42 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,16:26:28 -5:00 GMT,,,ICMP (type:8/subtype:0)
FWIN,2009/07/10,16:29:08 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,16:32:52 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,16:38:08 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,16:52:06 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,16:53:02 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,17:06:54 -5:00 GMT,,,UDP
FWIN,2009/07/10,17:07:10 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,17:08:42 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:AS)
FWIN,2009/07/10,17:13:08 -5:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2009/07/10,17:13:42 -5:00 GMT,,,ICMP (type:8/subtype:0)

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro