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Thread: Is it worth staying with ZoneAlarm?

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    Default Is it worth staying with ZoneAlarm?

    My ZoneAlarm Security Suite subscription expires soon. I will have 3 systems moving to Windows 7 on October 22. I don't feel at all confident ZoneAlarm Antivirus 9 will be reliable (or even available)
    by then, and if I'm moving to another provider I'll have to start evaluating other products now. I don't want to pay for a 1 year subscription if I'm only going to use it for 2 months.
    I'm using Kaspersky
    beta on Windows 7 RC, but would prefer to contimue with ZoneAalarm.
    I asked ZoneAlarm customer services if there was any option they could suggest that would allow me to stay with ZoneAlarm. They said no, I could only renew for another year (and presumably lose most of the subscription if I have to move to another provider in October).
    I've been using ZoneAlarm for many years, but without any timescales, even tenuous, from ZoneAlarm, I don't think I can continue. Does anyone moving to Windows 7 think there is any reason for staying with ZoneAlarm?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Is it worth staying with ZoneAlarm?

    Hi!ZA 9 works great and they have done tremendous work to improve memory use.It is very light.... but still at an early stage of development.For the rest, always try the software before buying.Please that this is a users support forum on ZA products and not a general chat forum on security.Thanks!Fax

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