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Thread: Hint for Problem: Vsmon.exe is taking much performance

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    Default Hint for Problem: Vsmon.exe is taking much performance

    I had a problem with vsmon.exe. Taskmanager showed me an increasing of "E/A (read)" amount.

    Search on Google for
    "vsmon probleme"
    "vsmon hdd last"
    "vsmon hangs system"
    or other Keywords didn't give an helpful answer.

    Here is my hint:
    That problem is caused by some applications, if you block them in your Firewall settings. In my case it was the Intel "Local Manageability Service". Allow the connection to internet and everything works fine. Other solution: Uninstall the Service

    By the way:
    My System is a Lenovo T400, 2,53Ghz Core2Duo, 2GB RAM
    WinXP Professional Sp3
    ZoneAlarm Version: 7.0.483.000

    Sorry for my broken english

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    Default Re: CPU/Resources/Hogging? --> Check you have not blocked any running service.

    Hi!thank you very much for the suggested solution. I have changed the subject to make it easier to find.Cheers,Fax

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