I asked the same question yesterday, but apparently it is lost. So:

My PC sometimes "freezes" when left alone. I had the same problem in February but then it disappeared with a new version of ZA. Now it has come back with version 8.0.400.020.
I have had the error 4 times in 10 days. I must then shut down by pressing a button for several seconds and then restart the computer. Of course I never leave the PC without saving all my work but it is annoying.

I have a feeling that the error has to do with the settings for "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services", specifically the setting for "Server/Internet". This is just now a "?". I seem to remember that is was a green checkmark in the previous version.

I did a "reset" but I have not touched the settings after that. Can anybody tell me what to do? Maybe change the "?" to "Checkmark" or to "Not allowed" ?

The program is on "Auto" and I am still in "learning mode". Should I just leave everything alone for the time being?