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    pogolady Guest

    Question Security Alert

    I received the following alert:

    Generic Host Process for Win32 Services is trying to act as a server.

    I denied the request, should I have done that and if not how can I change my decision?

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    smedleyamy Guest

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    Hi pogolady,

    Yes , you are facing the problem related to svchost and server. I also face the same problem , when I try for ZA ,it has popped up to tell me that Generic host Processor "wants to act as a server". I have disallowed this request.Why would svchost want to act as a server? I presume this means someone or something out there is trying to connect with my server. Try to check all security settings and do one thing , open Task Administrator Manager and go in the process tab and remove Svchost which governs the local system. After completion of this task, reboot your system. I hope this trick helps you a lot.


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