Hello all,

I hope my note finds you doing well. My external hard drive (E:\ drive) died and with it went my Zone Alarm software. Since the uninstaller is gone, I find myself unable to fully uninstall it and all of its components, especially the firewall component, TrueVector.

For some reason, TrueVector was not installed on E:\ with the rest of the Zone Alarm software. It installed on my internal hard drive (c:\) under this folder: c:\windows\system32\ZoneLabs. Alas, TrueVector is acting like a virus. It has hijacked my system and seems to have removed my permissions as administrator. It does not allow me to delete the ZoneLabs folder, the executable vsmon.exe, or any of the subfiles. It does not allow me to change anything on my computer anymore! I cannot edit services.msc, msconfig, or regedit. Instead, I get a big "ACCESS DENIED!" error message.

The issue now is how to get rid of TrueVector and all its components (files and registry keys). I appreciate your help and look forward to your replies.

Kind regards,