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Thread: Computer open and insecure!

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    rttc Guest

    Default Computer open and insecure!

    A friend called round with his Apple laptop and was able to use a nearby wifi and then could see inside all the Windows PC's in our house (and look at and see inside the files/folders)

    I'm not just talking about "Shared Files"folders!

    How do I stop that being possible?

    I use ZA Security Suite which said, and is still saying, that it had "secured all the doors to your PC!"

    Any help and/or advice much appreciated!
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    Bonkerz Guest

    Default Re: Computer open and insecure!

    Chances are your network (modem/wifi) isn't secure. Think of it as a house with open doors - its no good putting expensive locks on the doors if you don't ever close them.

    In your modem settings (you'll need to look in the modems manual or the makers website for a manual) you'll see settings to secure your network. Its things like WPA (least secure) WPA-PSK (more secure) and WPA2-PSK (very secure). Otherwise anyone can wander into your modem.

    You also might want to look into how to turn off you EESID (I think that's what it was...errrm) which basically stops your modem from telling every other computer its there...

    I know this doesn't answer your question completely but hopefully it will point you in the right direction.

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    rttc Guest

    Default Re: Computer open and insecure!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bonkerz View Post
    Think of it as a house with open doors - its no good putting expensive locks on the doors if you don't ever close them.
    thanks, I like the analogy of the doors - I'd simply believed that Zone Alarm closed them!

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    ebondante Guest

    Default Re: Computer open and insecure!


    First of all, having WiFi that is insecure will NOT allow people to have access to your PC. Of course it is a good idea to secure your WiFi with one of the authentication methods listed above, but the fact someone can enumerate your PC's administrative shares (192.168.1.X\C$\ since you have mentioned you do not have sharing turned on) says only one thing - your OS is terribly misconfigured.

    One guess is that you have Windows XP Home Edition with simple file sharing on (without your knowledge) or the Everyone group given full permission at your root. If you did not, XP would prompt any access attempt for credentials. XP and NTFS demands that any user accessing a file or folder has an appropriate ACE (access control entry) in the ACL (access control list), such as "Everyone" or "Authenticated Users" and so on.

    I guarantee that if you look at the ACL of the root of your drives, you will either find the everyone group has full access, you have simple file sharing turned ON, or you have been horribly compromised by malware.
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    smedleyamy Guest

    Default Re: Computer open and insecure!

    Hi rttc,

    This might be problem related to wireless network. You have to edit the settings of wireless modem and go for more secure network as anyone can use your SSID to access your network. This error "secured all the doors to your PC!" is main problem that your doors are not closed and it can be attacked by any hacker or a normal user. Change your SSID settings and put your network on high security level. Any illegal user can come in contact with network and gain network access with help of your SSID account. So be aware from this condition of wireless.


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