Got a strange problem that I hope someone can help me with.

At home I can connect to the Internet ok via the wireless card on my laptop (I use the wireless connection from my laptop as I am normally sat a fair distance away from the Netgear router).

However I am currently staying at a caravan park and am having problems connecting via the caravan parks wi-fi. The last time I was here it worked ok, but now my laptop just freezes after I get the "New Network" pop-up.

What I have noticed is that for some reason I am getting two "New-Network " pop-up windows. The first pop-up tells me that the new network that has been detected is in the range (which is correct). I then click "OK" and the network is added to the Internet zone on the firewall. A few seconds later I then get the 2nd pop-up, which also states that the new network that has been detected is in the range. I again click "OK" - and this is when it seems to freeze. What is strange is that when I click "OK" on the 2nd pop-up, the network that is actually added to the Internet zone is (I'm monitoring the firewall in the background, so even though the laptop appears to have frozen I still see this network pop in).

Just to clarify what I mean by "frozen", I can actually move the mouse around and also do CTRL-ALT-DEL (and lock the computer), but when I click on something, i.e. Windows Explorer, IE, load a word doc, etc, this is when nothing happens and I get the egg timer. I can still do CTRL-ALT-DEL when everything appears to be frozen, but when I select the task manager nothing happens.

The "freezing" seems to happen at slightly different times too - sometimes it happens immediately (i.e. I cannot even attempt to double-click an icon on my desktop), and other times I can click something and then it freezes a few seconds later.

The only way I can get round this is by not clicking "OK" after the first pop-up window (I just drag it to the side so it's not in the way). If I do this then I can normally log into IE or Firefox and access the Internet ok (although even this method is not 100% as everything sometimes freezes even if I try this). In fact, I am currently finding that the only way I can prevent the laptop from freezing every time is by disabling the wireless card (via the switch on the front of the laptop), and then once the laptop has loaded and settled I then switch the wireless card on and detect the new network.

I have left the laptop alone for over an hour too (just in case something is happening in the background) but the problem never clears.

I am staying at the caravan park on & off over the summer, and since this started a week or so ago I have actually gone home for a few days and tested my wireless connection at home and it still works fine. I am only getting the freezing problem when using the wi-fi at the caravan park. So I don't think the problem is with my wireless card or my laptop, but I feel that the problem is something to do with the fact that I am getting this 2nd pop-up and that this is appearing in the list of networks.

This is really frustrating me Ė itís a right pain having to reboot all the time. Iíve tried calling the people who support the wi-fi but they were about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Can anyone offer any assistance/guidance with this problem?

Many Thanks,