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Thread: Internet Explorer hanging - too much protection?

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    Default Internet Explorer hanging - too much protection?

    Over the past week, my Internet Explorer applicaiton will run fine for a couple of minutes, then start to hang. It creates a dumprep.exe process that I have to cancel, along with calcelling the program, before I can use it again.. but the problem returns. I just upgraded from IE ver 6 to ver 7 to see if it was an IE issue, but I still get the problem. I am wondering if I have "too much protection" and I am getting conflicts. I am running ZA Firewall 8.0.

    I have Norton AntiVirus running. I really just want the virus protection only and throught that all that was running but has a lot of other "internet" settings (browser protection, email scan, IM scan, intrusion prevention, special scanning). Could I be getting a conflict from the "extras" on NAV? Which of these settings do I really need if I already have ZA Firewall? Could I be getting a conflict form security in Windows XP or IE?

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    There could be a conflict try turning off mailsafe in ZoneAlarm let Nav handle this , then turn off intrusion protection in Nav which isn't needed since you have a firewall with ZA.

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