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Thread: Suggestions for the new forum...

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    naivemelody Guest

    Lightbulb Suggestions for the new forum...

    1 - Add 'Drop down list' within all new 'messages & replies' of the users:

    Operating System: __________
    Product Name: ZoneAlarm __________
    Software Version: __________

    2 - Ability to 'Edit' our own messages (body of post and title head); no time limit.

    For those of us (Guru's, SC, members) who will usually try to solve & answer the multitude of questions here - 'knowing the basic' spec's of the inquiring member is 'necessary.'

    This is just an open suggestion for the "WebMaster of vBulletin" and for ZA Administrator/ Moderator. so far...
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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Suggestions for the new forum...

    Another suggestion
    The main page,, isn't as pretty as all the others. If the Last Post column got bigger and the forum title smaller, the whole thing will be more compact and quicker to navigate. I'd split the real estate 50-50.

    Nice format. vBulletin software sure is an improvement over the previous one

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