2 months ago got "unknown" virus. got into the "bio" system of my computer. kept shuting me down and rewriting itself. contacted customer service and got no where. kept telling me i needed to be on my system to help...errr help i couldn't even TURN IN ON !! it wasn't sinking in her head. then i told her i was blind and really could not read i needed a phone number. they no longer have a call in. i was disconnected from the live chat. finally got headquarters number and called. several times same woman answered and said tough. finally i got thru to a nice lady in billing who wrote to the customer service manager. after several weeks he called and said they could do nothing but give me 3 months free. err hello i pay this much a year for security and do not get it? why would i want 3 more months.

so in short if your computer starts shuting down without warning....don't expect ZA to protect you.