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    Default ZA did NOT work

    2 months ago got "unknown" virus. got into the "bio" system of my computer. kept shuting me down and rewriting itself. contacted customer service and got no where. kept telling me i needed to be on my system to help...errr help i couldn't even TURN IN ON !! it wasn't sinking in her head. then i told her i was blind and really could not read i needed a phone number. they no longer have a call in. i was disconnected from the live chat. finally got headquarters number and called. several times same woman answered and said tough. finally i got thru to a nice lady in billing who wrote to the customer service manager. after several weeks he called and said they could do nothing but give me 3 months free. err hello i pay this much a year for security and do not get it? why would i want 3 more months.

    so in short if your computer starts shuting down without warning....don't expect ZA to protect you.

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    Hi Fax.
    Before we close this thread can we at least have her try the Kaspersky rescue disc that she can download ....(well actually she will need a frien with a working computer and a program able to burn ISO files) from this link

    Once you have the disc you have to set your computer's bios to boot first from your CD drive then the disc can load and you can scan for malware and hopefully recover your computer.

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