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Thread: ZoneAlarm settings are always low at startup? (Please reply ASAP!)

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    Default ZoneAlarm settings are always low at startup? (Please reply ASAP!)

    Hi there, i have a huge problem with my security program which is the ZoneAlarm Pro with Web Filtering security program. Everytime i turn on my PC and check the settings for AdBlocking and Cookie Control, they ALWAYS seem to be set to low, when i am 100% sure that i always set AdBlocking to High and Cookie Control to Medium.

    These are my ZoneAlarm specs:

    Version Information

    ZoneAlarm Pro with Web Filtering version 4.5.594.000
    TrueVector security engine version 4.5.594.000
    Driver version 4.5.594.000
    Gateway enforcement is enabled

    I even checked for updates for my ZoneAlarm Pro with Web Filtering security program with the " Check For Update " button atleast 10 times and it says that there are no updates for my program that are needed at this time.

    Also another problem i think i should post is that after this problem of settings gone low occured, i had experienced frequent Internet Disconnections and had restarted my PC and Modem and all worked fine.
    However these disconnections didn't happen before in the past and ONLY happened once i found out that my settings are always set to low when i boot the PC.

    I hope you guys can find a remedy to this problem and if you do find some kind of a patch that i can download for this problem PLEASE post the link and i will be very grateful.

    Thank You!
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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm settings are always low at startup? (Please reply ASAP!)

    sorry I have no experience with version 4 of ZA, the version dates back to 6 years ago. Have you tried to reset the ZA settings?

    1. If you are running Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000, reboot your system into Safe Mode. Your OS determines the method, but normally pressing F8 at the beep, or holding the control key during bootup, will work. For more information on rebooting in Safe Mode, click Start, then Help. Click the Search tab, and type in "Safe Mode". Double- click "Start Windows in Safe Mode" for the instructions.
    2. Open the Internet Logs directory (in 9x/ME this will be "c:\windows\internet logs", in NT/2000 it will be c:\winnt\internet logs, in Windows XP it could be either of these folders).
    3. Delete all files that have the extension .RDB, .LDB, or TMP.
    4. Empty your Recycle Bin.
    5. Reboot your system.

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