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Thread: ZoneAlarm settings are always low at startup? (Please reply ASAP!)

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    Yasin Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm settings are always low at startup? (Please reply ASAP!)

    Hi there, i have a huge problem with my security program which is the ZoneAlarm Pro with Web Filtering security program. Everytime i turn on my PC and check the settings for AdBlocking and Cookie Control, they ALWAYS seem to be set to low, when i am 100% sure that i always set AdBlocking to High and Cookie Control to Medium.

    These are my ZoneAlarm specs:

    Version Information

    ZoneAlarm Pro with Web Filtering version 4.5.594.000
    TrueVector security engine version 4.5.594.000
    Driver version 4.5.594.000
    Gateway enforcement is enabled

    I even checked for updates for my ZoneAlarm Pro with Web Filtering security program with the " Check For Update " button atleast 10 times and it says that there are no updates for my program that are needed at this time.

    Also another problem i think i should post is that after this problem of settings gone low occured, i had experienced frequent Internet Disconnections and had restarted my PC and Modem and all worked fine.
    However these disconnections didn't happen before in the past and ONLY happened once i found out that my settings are always set to low when i boot the PC.

    I hope you guys can find a remedy to this problem and if you do find some kind of a patch that i can download for this problem PLEASE post the link and i will be very grateful.

    Thank You!
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