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    arson Guest

    Default Just saying hi ...

    ... to all the members I've met and know from the past, (it's been awhile, and some may not remember me, but that's ok I remember them ) and to all the members I will hopefully meet and know in the future.

    I like to check in every now and then to see what's cooking, because I'm still a devoted and faithful user of ZA on a few of my machines, and lately I've been evaluating the Initial Release Version (build 7100) of Window$ 7 on a test box ... hmmm, very interesting, and IMO I like it, but that's me ... and hopefully when the final version is released ZA will be there too in some form or fashion

    Ok, that's it for now .. 'nuff said ... take care people,

    Arson D. Dragon

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    wow, it's been a long time Arson, good to see you. Don't be a stranger I always enjoyed your sense of humor as well as your contributions.
    Take care

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    Hi Grebb,
    Nice to know you are stil around. I also come by infrequently but I will always try and keep in touch.

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    Hello Mr.Ledoc,
    Thanks,with so many of the old timers no longer here nice to see you still frequent the forums now and then.
    Take care

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