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Thread: Cannt uncheck SpyBlocker install option

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    Default Cannt uncheck SpyBlocker install option

    I am trying to install the latest version of ZoneAlarm (free edition) and it will not allow me to uncheck the SpyBlocker option during the install.

    I have reviewed post
    but it was of no help other than to instruct me to find another personal firewall program. I have used ZonaAlarm for some time and don't want to have to change, but I will if it forces me to install an unwanted application and have to uninstall it later.

    I try and keep my system as clean as possible, so if this forced install is a change by ZoneAlarm, then I will have to move to a different firewall. Adobe has done the same thing with Reader and I have so far refused to install the latest version becuase of it.

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    Default Re: Cannt uncheck SpyBlocker install option

    tried to remove it after the installation as suggested?

    Are you sure you are installing it with full administrator privileges?

    As you may know, this is a user forum, no ZA staff monitoring. You may want to contact ZA customer support and complaint, but you should be aware that there is no support for the free version. Apart from venting, there is little use to post it here since you have already an overall very ood picture of the situation including possible workaround.


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