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Thread: permanent permission to scan?

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    bacchus Guest

    Angry permanent permission to scan?

    I purchased a multi-computer license for ZA Security Suite; 2 desktops and a laptop. The laptop is running (actually, "walking") Vista. I hadn't even thought about the anti-viral part of ZASS until it started to go geriatric on me. So, I attempted to do a scan. Time I did that, I got a popup alert wanting me to OK:

    "C:\windows\system32\zonelabs\avsys\scanningproces s.exe (Kaspersky AVScanner) event=0 subevent=0 class=1 ("system", '''','''')
    application: ScanningProcess.exe"

    In fact, I gave it perpetual permission, but two minutes later, I was asked again ... and every two minutes until I had to shut down ZASS. I still didn't get the scan. Not only that, but according to the alert, ZA doesn't know anything about this exe. Of course, I'm used to this from most programs as I don't remember EVER looking up a file or process in the ZA database, but if ZA uses the Kaspersky AVScanner, you would think that they'd be able to put something in the box to reassure a person. I even tracked down the file (C:\windows\system32\zonelabs\avsys\scanningproces s.exe) and tried to add it as an allowed program, But I'm STILL GETTING ALERTS. Repeatedly.

    I know I've got a virus somewhere and I'm counting on ZASS to cover me. However, as we speak, I've turned off ZASS and am running Kaspersky online scanner( just to get it done.

    Can someone address this? Am I doing something wrong? I'm afraid to attempt a scan of the other computers for fear of ZASS messing them up. As it is, it looks and feels like I've wasted my money. Well, I mean, it's a decent firewall, but ...
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    Default Re: permanent permission to scan?


    please ensure to remove any executable been installed by kaspersky on-line scan and then see here:

    If you are not on ZASS 8.0.400.020 upgrade to it and when asked choose "clean install".

    And if you have a virus, please see here how to clean it.


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