I have a brand-new Toshiba NB205-N312 netbook, running XP Home SP3. I didn't have this problem until some point in my loadup & configuration process. Somewhere along the line, I started getting an error during shutdown. A window pops up displaying "End Program - EventWnd" and shows it timing out. Then the window changes saying that EventWnd is not responding. If I click "End Now", the computer goes ahead and shuts down.
I don't have any file that is named EventWnd, on the disk, in the registry, or in any list of running processes. Instead, I think it is a procedure call.
I've found several sites that mention a possible connection of this problem to Zone Alarm (free edition), which I had installed (version Sure enough, if I manually stop Zone Alarm via the System Tray before shutting down, I don't get the "not responding" error. Likewise, if I bring up the Task Manager before shutting down, I see the focus shift to zlclient at the same time I get the "not responding" error, as if zlclient is trying to call the EventWnd procedure and cannot.
I found a similar thread in this forum titled "Warning Meaasge - This program is not responding - I have to close ZA ?" He seemingly resolved his problem by doing a full Windows Update, including NET Framework 1.1. I had already done a full update except for Framework (I already have 2 and 3), so I did the 1.1 update, but it did not resolve the issue.

Any ideas how to fix this?