I am very annoyed by the way ZA treats its bug reporting center. I have reported numerous bugs through the zonealarm.com/beta website in the submit a bug for, and, none have been addressed in the latest version that is More so, the freakin zonealarm.com/beta website DOES NOT inform the user when newer versions of the software are available, except for the rare case in which the user submits a bug, and he is forced to select a version for the software he using. (or, the fixed issues section which is irrelevant from this point of view, as it does not display version numbers......)

DONT flame me, thats the only way I found out about the second ZA Antivirus Beta version, and, I am a long time ZA user with licenses for 6 pcs.

I have submitted a bug report regarding ZA Antivirus Beta exceedingly annoying iTunes problem over a month ago, and, it has not been fixed in the latest version. Yes, I am running Windows 7 RC 32-bit all updates installed, no other things interfeering.

If I uninstall ZA Antivirus Beta, iTunes works perfectly. If I have it installed (like right now) I can't buy stuff on it, I can't log into my account, it freezez when I close it, and so on so forth.

There a couple of other issues I will be writing about here, but, I as a long-time customer am having a very poor experience regarding ZA beta bug reporting........