Hi All,

I'm having great difficulties installing the zonealarm free firewall on my computer. Basically what happens is when I install ZA everything goes fine and it asks me to restart. But, when I restart the computer loads up until just before the desktop shows and then it freezes and nothing happens. The only way I can get into windows after that is by booting into windows, safe mode then restoring to a previous state before ZA.

It's annoying because i've used ZA for years without a problem, but recently I had massive problems with the windows update that puts your computer into the 'configuring updates, stage 3 of 3' cycle. I had to system restore when that happen, which probably has something to do with why i'm having problems with ZA now.

I'm running Vista 32 bit.

Any help would be much appreciated because currently i'm forced to use windows firewall which isn't ideal to say the least.

thanks for reading, i look forward to your comments.