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Thread: CPU Usage Goes Too High When Downloading...

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    Hello..Thanks For Your Time..Heres My Problem..

    ZA Is Perfect It Does Its Job Really Well...But Now When I Go To Download Anything..*Doesn't Matter If It's From A Download Manager Or Inside A Browers* My CPU Goes Extremely HIGH *70% to 100%* ALL THE TIME..I Was Wondering If I Could Reconfig Something Inside Of ZA It's Quite Annoying..But My CPU Doesn't Go Over 10% If It's Just Idle...

    Windows Vista Home Premium SP1
    AMD TUrion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60
    3gb RAM

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    Default Re: CPU Usage Goes Too High When Downloading...


    Sorry for the late response.

    May I know the version of ZoneAlarm you are running? If you are running an outdated version, it may be worthwhile to upgrade to see if that fixes the issue.

    Is ZoneAlarm still in learning phase? That could use more resources.

    You can also try setting the number of alerts shown to 50. While this number can be
    set as high as 999, please remember that these are stored in memory as well, and will take more resources.

    Just a few suggestions, let me know if that helped or not.

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