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Thread: Toolbar won't go away

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    cbminfo Guest

    Default Toolbar won't go away

    This JUST happened. Every tab I opened , re-opened the ZA FF toolbar.
    All but once. That time it opened the adobe pdf toolbar.
    Finally got both toolbars to disappear, and it took 5 minutes to find the home page. Probably cause I cleared virtualization.

    Now I'm back to the za ff toolbar that only goes away when I use the menu pulldown from the toolbar, the tools button, or the status bar tray.
    open a tab, and the toolbar's back.

    Help I want FF toolbar GONE from the browser. I have no use for it.

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    Sky Soldiers Guest

    Default Re: Toolbar won't go away

    cbminfo : This is just a suggestion.

    I see from other posts that you are using the following :

    Vista SP1 : Move up to SP2

    ForceField v.1.3.140 (standalone) : Move up to v. (current)

    Use the Help menu in ForceField in system tray.Learn how to use program.

    How to Reset Firefox at this link :

    How to Reset IE :

    Close all browsers
    Open ZoneAlarm
    Click Browser Security / Settings
    Click Advanced tab
    Clear virtual data and click okay
    Now turn Browser Security off and follow these steps here

    Click Start / Control Panel / Internet Options
    Click Delete / Delete Temporary Internet Files
    Security (Tab) / Default Level
    Advanced (Tab) / Restore advanced settings

    Uninstalling :
    Click on Start / Programs / ZoneAlarm ForceField
    Click on Uninstall ForceField
    Click OK to run the uninstaller

    Then install ForceField v. from :

    Remember to turn OFF ForceField for installing and updating Firefox or IE.This is also valid for installing Add-ons and Plugins.

    Firefox 3.5 - 3.5.2 not supported yet.

    Use Firefox/3.0.13.It's fully supported by ZoneAlarm.Mozilla will support Firefox/3.0.13 till January 2010.

    Have a nice Day

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