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Thread: [SOLVED] Zone Alarm firewall still running after removal

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    Default [SOLVED] Zone Alarm firewall still running after removal

    Back on 31 Jul or 1 Aug, I posted a message "Zone Alarm removed but Firewall still On". I was given instructions to get the removal tool cpes_clean.exe and AppRemover.exe. I did this and put them on a CD and mailed them to my brother (he only has dial-up access). Tonight he was back home and we tried to remove Zone Alarm but the links to my thread failed and I couldn't find my message in the forum.

    This started with the error message "Validation failed for C:\Windows\system32\VSINIT.dll. You probably are missing a necessary root certificate". I found the instructions for removing Zone Alarm and followed them. Since doing that I found another instruction in the forum that said you should turn off the preference to start ZA on bootup. We had not done that as it wasn't in the removal instructions. That omission appears to be the problem now.

    If we go into the WinXP Security Centre it says that the Zone Alarm firewall is running.

    We went into msconfig | Startup and unticked the entry for Zone Alarm but Security Centre says it is still running after re-boot.

    How do we stop this happening, please? We need to remove Zone Alarm from this PC.
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