I am getting an alert from my Win XP SP3 (fully up-to-date) system that ZA A/V isn't up-to-date. So, I go to the ZA A/V product and use the main "Update Now" button on the Anti-virus screen to check for an update. It just spins and spins and then fails, with the message:

"Task finished:
Anti-virus: The task encountered an error."

Oddly, if I click the "Check for updates" link under the "Quick Tasks" heading in the left column of the program, it says all is well and up-to-date, via opening the SAME update panel!


I've successfully used the Update Now button previously, though whether XP was at SP3 at the time, I am not sure. The program says my last update was on 8/13/2009 and I have at least 48 days until my subscription needs renewing. And strangely, though I have registered and purchased this software online, it says I am NOT registered, though my License key is entered and valid.

BTW, WHY would any company want most of their support threads to be SO out of date? I cannot even imagine using information from last year, much less from threads that are from 2002! I would think that any company would have at least ONE employee removing old junk and trying to at least APPEAR to give a damn about these questions.