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Thread: ZA A/V| Update status varies from which update link clicked in product

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    Default ZA A/V| Update status varies from which update link clicked in product

    I am getting an alert from my Win XP SP3 (fully up-to-date) system that ZA A/V isn't up-to-date. So, I go to the ZA A/V product and use the main "Update Now" button on the Anti-virus screen to check for an update. It just spins and spins and then fails, with the message:

    "Task finished:
    Anti-virus: The task encountered an error."

    Oddly, if I click the "Check for updates" link under the "Quick Tasks" heading in the left column of the program, it says all is well and up-to-date, via opening the SAME update panel!

    SO.... WHICH IS IT?

    I've successfully used the Update Now button previously, though whether XP was at SP3 at the time, I am not sure. The program says my last update was on 8/13/2009 and I have at least 48 days until my subscription needs renewing. And strangely, though I have registered and purchased this software online, it says I am NOT registered, though my License key is entered and valid.

    BTW, WHY would any company want most of their support threads to be SO out of date? I cannot even imagine using information from last year, much less from threads that are from 2002! I would think that any company would have at least ONE employee removing old junk and trying to at least APPEAR to give a damn about these questions.

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    Default Re: ZA A/V| Update status varies from which update link clicked in product

    mind to post the version of ZA that you use? Are you on the latest version 8.0.400.020?

    May be it would also be useful you have a look to the manual whenever you have time. It contains a lot of useful information on how your ZA works. For your specific case, quick tasks update refers to product updates while the other refers to antivirus/antispyware updates. Two different ones.

    There was a problem on AV/AS servers about updates, now they work correctly as reported here by other users. Have you tried to update again recently? Otherwise the failed update can depend on many different issues, e.g. malware, corrupted settings, conflicting software, etc...

    Note that ZA staff does not monitor this board, we are all users here helping each other.

    With a valid license, you can contact free of charge the ZA technical support. Link in my signature.


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