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    If what you say is true, then why does ZAES come up with a window/dialog box after add-on updates saying: 'You installed this into a browser virtual space, do you want to copy it to the real browsers space' ? Does this not work? (It appears to since the updated plug-in is available the next time.

    I just WISH there was a way to TURN OFF THE DOWNLOAD FUNCTION, it's USELESS since it takes several clicks EVEN when it's working correctly compared to an accelerated downloader which can handle files automatically. What we need is clear instructions that allow us to point the virus/spyware checker to the file we're downloaded with someting else, e.g., vscan.exe %1 or whatever and not the 'are you sure?' 'where do you want?" 'are you really sure' BS.....

    I want the features in Moz 3.5.x and I want the ZoneAlarm stuff updated to handle the new version (and not fight over incognito/private browsing). Chrome support would be nice too.

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    you may want to try the latest ZA Extreme beta and feedback directly the developers.

    We are all users here no ZA staff, sorry.


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