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Thread: Win32.Trojan.DropperVacSpy Alert

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    Exclamation Win32.Trojan.DropperVacSpy Alert

    Hi ,

    I am running ZA Extreme Security V About 4 August there was a definitiions update for the Spyware and from that point I have been getting the Win32.Trojan.DropperVacSpy Alert on the exe file for the HUBB Investor software I have been running. I have run this for a good number of months and this has only just started. I noticed on other forums that other users have also had the same problem with other software programs.
    Does anyone know what can be done here. I think if I give it an exception at all then I will be vulnerable if it is a real problem in another program.


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    Please ensure that the ZA antispyware is NOT set to deep scan. This will cause several false positives (che under the Spyware section of the advanced options of the ZA antivirus/antispyware tab).

    Once has been set to "intelligent quick scan" (or similar text). Scan again and if you still get the false positive please reported it as indicated here.


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