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Thread: Need to have fully control over ALL

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    Default Need to have fully control over ALL

    Greetings All
    Firstly, thanku all experienced ZA users offering there time to answer questions here

    Im a experienced ZA user (many years) but Im still unable to find the "setting" so I achieve "Total program control"
    Im still experiencing ZA allowing programs to access the net without any questions (Green tick)
    eg IE, Nero update, etc ...(and yes, all the normal Windows xp progs)
    I understand "Smart Defence" and have it set to "Manual"
    "Program control" is set to MAX
    Running latest ZASuite

    Can any help with "Total Program Control"

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: Need to have fully control over ALL

    Just go to the program controls/ programs tab, change each green tick to ask (left click on the tick, select ask). Then when the alarm pops up, if you want to allow the program, click allow but without checking the box 'remember...'

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