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Thread: Multiple NICs - a problem?

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    Default Multiple NICs - a problem?

    Here is the setup:

    Windows Vista Business (32bit)

    2 NICs

    NIC 1 - IP: (public IP address)

    NIC 2 - IP: (private network)
    Gateway: n/a
    DNS: n/a

    The private network is used to access some local devices, the public IP address is used for accessing the Internet. Everything works just fine.

    I wanted to test out ZA, so I installed the free version. As soon as I installed it, internet access stopped functioning. I can even disable NIC 2, and it still will not function. I look at the zones and is listed as the DNS server and is marked as trusted. I can even marked the zone as trusted and it still will not function.

    I tried changing the protection settings, check marked allow DNS & HDCP when set high/medium, nothing works. The only way to get things working again is to uninstall ZA. I did a search for multiple NICs and did find anything.

    Does anyone have a multiple NIC setup running with free ZA?

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