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Thread: Error- anti-virus unable to install

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    Default Error- anti-virus unable to install

    I have ZASS latest, on three machines, one is XP sp3 32nit 2 are Vista sp2 32 bit NONE are able to update antivirus the xp machine reportrs download error. All the computers updated properly until these past few days of Aug,
    It is my sincer hope this gets resolved. I cannot belive it originates local too me because "all" are refusing to update the anti virus defs. That said, how long do we wait until I am forced to take "other" measures. These measures will cost me and that bothers me. a lot


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    Default Re: Error- anti-virus unable to install

    Hi Paul,

    Please read the sticky threads here:

    Are you still getting the errors? The server communication issue should have been fixed by now.

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