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Thread: Junk Email report does not work properly...

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    Default Junk Email report does not work properly...

    let's say that it works once every ten times i.e. nine Junk Email reports every ten are not submitted to MailFrontier. This is not a case: I have always seen such a problem with both ZA Security Suite and ZA Extreme Security.
    Where is the problem ?

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    I am having a similar issue with ZAISS 8.0.400.020 on my lap with Outlook 2002 SP3
    Many of my mesages are not getting put automatically to the Junk box by Frontier

    My ZoneAlarm Options > Configure Preferences > Message > junk e-mail filter Settings are still in the default middle of the slider

    I have recently been getting 6 junk a day and I have to manually handle them.
    This has been happening for several weeks.

    Now that ZA has removed E-mail Inbound MailSafe (file attachment) protection has that also changed the Frontier message filtering as well?

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