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Thread: License renewal download caused loss of ZA

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    Default License renewal download caused loss of ZA

    Subject ZA Antivirus license renewal.
    OK, I have used and stuggled with the various ZA programs and problems about as long as ZA has existed. Today, the last straw. Simply renewed my ZA anti-virus license, and therefore lost ZA entirely. Would not install. Prior to renewal, no problem. After, the download (why was this even necessary for only a license renewal?) it would not install, wiped out previous version, wiped out previous .exe from system, even lost the ZA Icon. Tried multiple times the entire process. Followed instructions to restart several times. The renewal process should be stone-assed simple - just update the product key code.

    ~~snip~~ Sorry this is a user forum on product related issues (No ZA staff only users). We cannot deal with ZA license issue. You will need to contact them directly. Please ask for refund.
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