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Thread: Antivirus Success at least once

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    madmallard Guest

    Default Antivirus Success at least once

    After a couple of days of not being able to update antivirus it went at 9:30 this morning.
    In the past it had said download error. I thought a little positive news would be good for all those having problems. Hope smooth sailing from here on out

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    findley Guest

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    Good news

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    bmcrose Guest

    Unhappy Re: Antivirus Success at least once

    On 9/1 while still using ZAXS 8.0.400.020, I checked in, again, with Live Chat to report that I was still having download errors during AV/AS updates. I was told that the server issue had been corrected and I needed to install version, which I did. So far, 9/1-9/3 there have been two download errors during AV updates. Trying to stay positive, it took one retry each time for updates to complete. I also like the % showing progress.
    So maybe the issue has been corrected, but not for me. It's better than before though, when multiple replies did no good.

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