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Thread: Installation/Upgrading?

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    Angry Installation/Upgrading?

    Yesterday it was time to renew my ZA. There was a spot to upgrade to ZA Extreme. I opted for this. I did the financial bit, put in my activation code--which was not accepted. Three different times I visited Live Chat, the second time I was given 2 pages of Registry stuff to do. Even that didn't work. I got to the part where you Uninstall your old ZA Security Suite. I got a box that said "needs administrator permission to uninstall, and asked for password". Since I didn't know/remember any passwords assigned previously for ZA (or anything else). It wouldn't let me uninstall. Today, I went to the Windows control panel and assigned me a new admin. password. Guess what? It won't accept that PW for permission to uninstall. Does anyone here have great knowledge of this, and can email very good, but SIMPLE instructions to fix this. Just a few minutes ago I did get a ZA Extreme on my taskbar, but when I open it, it only shows Spyware, and Anti-virus is in red and won't let me fix that either. I'm about ready to ask them for a refund.

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    please post a screenshot of the page you get. If it is ZA you can still ask ZA support for the procedure to remove the ZA password. If it is the system then I am afraid you need to refresh/reinstall the system.


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