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Thread: ZA not prompting to grant applications permission

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    Default ZA not prompting to grant applications permission

    I noticed last night that ZA is suddenly no longer prompting me to grant/deny access to the internet whenever an application attempts such access. All the settings look fine to me. I haven't changed any settings. Any ideas/hints/suggestions welcome. Anyone else ever seen this? Blame latest round of Microsoft updates? Blame wife and/or daughter?

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    Have you checked (Program control tab, programs) that those programs don't have a green tick under internet access? If last time an alert popped up for one you clicked accept, but with the remember this box checked, then ZA would give that app a green tick and from then on give it acess without warning.
    You could test, if there is a green tick for an app in that column, click on it, click ask, which will change the green tick into a blue ?. Then see if the alert pops up next time that app tries to access the internet
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