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Thread: Removing "Smart Virus Eliminator" (spyware)

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    Default Removing "Smart Virus Eliminator" (spyware)

    Does Zone Alarm find and remove "Smart Virus Eliminator?" This is a complex swindle that can really screw up your computer.


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    Default Re: Removing "Smart Virus Eliminator" (spyware)

    Hi sbamaven,

    Smart Virus Eliminator is yet another rogue security program that is under the Zlob trojan family. I'm sure the ZA AV/AS scanner already has it in their database.

    But as someone who has been dealing with malware on a daily basis, detection is not equivalent to removal. In fact, I have found no conventional anti-virus scanner to be fully effective in dealing with the Zlob trojan, which is notoriously hard to get rid of. This includes the ZA AV scanner, which uses the Kaspersky engine.

    If you have already been infected by Smart Virus Eliminator or some other rogue security program that reports false scan results and displays fake security alerts to convince you that your computer is seriously infected, I do suggest you visit ONE of the following sites for help. Registration may be necessary.

    If you will, request specifically for my assistance (chiaz) as I'm a security analyst on those forums.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Removing "Smart Virus Eliminator" (spyware)

    You can also use '' Remove Smart Virus Eliminator (Removal Guide) - click here for more info. >

    Which basically uses 's free Anti-Malware = this is a recommended free software that works well with ZoneAlarm products and is fairly effective against the 'rogue/suspect virus' genre of malware.
    Click here >
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    Prevention is preferable. You may wish to try ZoneAlarm's ForceField - click here > . If you happen upon such a 'pop-up' - just delete that ForceField browser page and your real pc was 'never' really infected with that type of malware.
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