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Thread: Force Field Stand Alone package

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    samodom Guest

    Default Force Field Stand Alone package

    I am currently running ZA Extreme and I have received an ad email from ZA offering to sell me the stand alone version of FF. I purchased the Stand alone package, but found it did not work with ZA Extreme installed. I had to uninstall the ZAExtreme package before installing the FF stand alone package. It offered nothing that ZA Extreme did not already offer. I reinstalled the ZA Extreme package and the Stand Alone FF package was uninstalled automatically by ZA Extreme.

    Question is: Are the two packages duplicative service? Can I get a refund on ZAFF stand alone software?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZA Extreme contains ForceField

    ZA Extreme already contains ForceField; ZA Extreme is the complete top of the line suite, while stand-alone ForceField is a single browser security software that can be added to any other security software (except ZA Extreme).

    Click here to see the differences/ more info >

    and click here for ZA Extreme > <> Virtual Browsing = ForceField integrated with Extreme.
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    Click here to ask for refund from ZA Customer Service > Customer Service Live Chat <> you should have your purchase order number/ emailed, plus license keys form ZA Extreme and ForceField - keep handy.
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    Whenever you install any type of software - it is always a good idea to do a 'little research/ background check' to see what you are getting, yes .
    All reputable companies will offer free info/ FAQS/ support of their products.
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