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Thread: Viable Replacement for Privacy Controls?

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    Default Viable Replacement for Privacy Controls?

    The ability to tailor privacy controls to specific sites was one of the main reasons I liked ZoneAlarm Security Suite. (For example, I liked to turn on "Mobile Code Control" for all sites and then permit "Mime-type integrated objects" from individual sites in the "Site List" to download PDFs, EXEs, etc.)

    Has anyone found a truly viable replacement for the loss of this ability from the latest version of ZASS? Are there really any browsers that allow privacy controls to be tailored to specific sites? (I'm using IE7 -- adminttedly a bit out of date -- under Windows XP SP3.) If not, is ForceField really a viable alternative?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. -- JClarkW

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    Default Re: Viable Replacement for Privacy Controls?

    A message removed... please stick to the topic.
    i.e. Alternatives to ZA privacy control.

    Off topic post will be removed without further notice.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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