I have tried ten times to download and install the free version of Zonealarm firewall for Windows Vista 64bit. Nine times it would start to load and then I got the message Server is not responding. I tried to get help here with out any luck. I contacted customer service and was told they were having a problem to wait 24 hours. So I waited two days and tried again with the same results. Then I waited another two days and again the same results. So I tried to get help from tech support and they won't help because it free. I just tried again to download from the Zonealarm web site. I checked the requirements for the download. It would work with Vista 64bit. So I tried to download it. After about twenty minutes it said it was finished but wasn't. When I tried to open it I got the following message.

c:\users\pc\downloads\zasetup_80_298_000_en.exc is not a valid Win 32 application

I do wish someone could come up with an answer to this problem. This has been going on for over a month and I'm getting tired of trying to download this program.