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Thread: [Solved] blank page --> used the ZA removal tool

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    Cueball600 Guest

    Default [Solved] blank page --> used the ZA removal tool

    Does anyone know why, when I "Restore" ZA, I get a blank screen except for the logos at the top and a "help" button at the bottom interface at all - the program would appear to be working because I get the occasional pop-ups asking if I want to allow, etc..

    Using the Free version & I've never had this problem before - is the latest version not compatible with XP? The "Reset" instructions from a previous thread & re-installation did not resolve the problem
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    Cueball600 Guest

    Default Re: blank page - RESOLVED

    Downloaded "cpes_clean.exe" as recommended in another thread to completely remove ZA, then re-installed, and everything was back to normal - Thank you God

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