Please read carefully this is not a simple I can't access 1 pc that has ZA....

Here goes I have 5 pc's and a NSlu2 (Network storeage unit) on my network.

I have (1) computer using ZA Free on WinXP Pro Sp3 (the other 4 PC's either use Windows firewall or Comodo)

While on any of the other 4 PCs I can't access any of the other PCs or the Network storage unit, unless I Shut of ZA on the 5th PC or shut down the 5th PC.

Why ZA feels it necessary to block all the networked PC's from each other is beyond me. Isn't a Firewall app installed on (1) local PC supposed to simply secure THAT PC from all the others?
Is There a way to tell ZA to "Mind its own business" (which is the PC that its installed on?) TIA