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Thread: ANti-Virus updates refuse to update

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    Default ANti-Virus updates refuse to update

    I have XP.

    Only Zone ALert in the machine.

    A week ago, I received a group addressed email which I opened through Micro-SOft Express.

    I responded to the sender to please not bombard me with further emails.

    I then deleted all of these new addresses which appeared within my address book.

    I also ran the anti spyware/virus routine.

    I received a Trojan spyware, which was put into quarantee for several days.

    Initially this spywarae/virus could not be changed into something safe to quarantee.

    so said the notice.

    a day later, it had been successfully quaranteed and a day alter still, I finally deleted it.

    after deleting it , and to be safe, I ran cyber-scrub erase program for all recent deleted files.

    Since then, my anti-virus section of my updates, does not function at all.

    the red notice and whatnot.

    I am at sea over this chain of events.

    I am still scratching my head as to how I got onto a list of multiple addresses in the first place.

    ANy and all assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your attention to this matter.


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    Default Re: ANti-Virus updates refuse to update

    Hi Jz,

    What AV are you using? ZoneAlarm AV? What Version and Program Update of ZoneAlarm are you using?

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