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    I have the following situation: I run an ISS with an ASP.NET server at home. I use DynDns so I can use the same url to contact the server all the time. Now, if ZA is just started on that server "as is" the connection from a client (via internet) doesnt work because ZA does not allow connections from outside. Ok, Ive added the dyndns-url as a "Host/Site", now it works, I can connect to the server via internet.

    First, for better comprehension: Why does this work ? How can ZA now, that an incomming request was sent through a request to my dyndns-url?

    Second: If my IP chances (e.g. after 24 h...) I have to make a manuall lookup of the Host/Site -IP. Is there a way to do this a automatic way, for example via command line?

    Thank you very much,


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    Casiopaya Guest

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    Hello again,

    does really anybody can help me with the second point, to refresh the lookup? Of Course, I could terminate and restart ZA (it seems that restart does the refresh) but thats no good idea in terms of security... Does nobody use DynDns for a server-machine working together with ZA?

    Best regards


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