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Thread: ZA not getting along with new install of XP

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    Default ZA not getting along with new install of XP

    After doing a clean install of XP Media Center Edition adding ZA brings things to a grinding halt. I get a half-loaded desktop, nothing responds. I noticed this behavior right after adding ZA. Things seem okay right after the initial install of ZA before rebooting, but trouble starts on reboot.

    Went to Safe Mode, uninstalled it, things fine again. Tried installing
    the old version of ZA that worked previously, same problem. Uninstall,
    things back to normal. At first I thought it might be some conflict
    with Windows Firewall, but turning off WF made no difference.

    I've got ZA running on another XP Home machine, no problems, and there
    were none on the XP MCE machine either until now.

    All assistance will be appreciated.

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    Default Re: ZA not getting along with new install of XP

    unfortunately XP MCE is not supported by ZA products and never was. There are users reporting no problems but others yes.


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